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a good few years; it was a time where i developed my craft further working on many prestigious designs and installations.
Being involved in commissions including public sculptures, gilded murals, stained glass and kiln formed furniture, installed into some of the capital's most exclusive haunts was fascinating.

It opened my eyes to the endless creative possibilities that glass as a medium offers, and allowed me to further enhance my skillls and ideas to new levels. 
I now have a studio in the city closest to my home town, relationships with local established businesses and an outlet for my years of training and expertise.
I am very much looking forward to the years ahead and the new projects to come.
After a stint at university studying business and a few years travelling the world, I returned home and trained in the craft at my then local Stained Glass Studio, where I remained for four years. With a long background of machining glass, I immediately took to the more hands on approach of this historical craft.
My days were spent restoring and rebuilding domestic lead lights and developing my skills under an inspiring glass craftsman.

It wasn't long before I was designing and building new work and getting involved in larger commercial projects.
As my client base grew I felt the time was right to move on and set up my own studio.
Shortly after moving on, an offer of three weeks work from a well-respected glass artist turned into

Growing up in and around the family business, my first experience handling glass was at the age of 11,  cutting, drilling, grinding and polishing glass became second nature to me.