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Already have existing lead lights or stained glass?
In most cases existing decorative windows can be converted to fit your new timber or UPVC installation, giving you the option of retaining important original features of your home.

How long will they take?
Once a design has been approved it usually takes 2 - 3 weeks to deliver your windows. We work closely with a number of local companies and do our best to ensure that your windows are fitted the same day as your frames.
Is a deposit required?
Consultation is free and without obligation, once a design or schedule of work has been agreed, then a 30% deposit is required, the balance is due on completion of the specified job.
Buying salvaged stained glass online?
If you are looking to bid on or buy a reclaimed window but your not sure of how much it will cost to repair or re-size, we are happy to offer advice. Email a picture and dimensions, and we will get back to you with an estimate.
Switching to double glazed units?
Almost all new front doors and window frames take double glazed units these days, and options for coloured windows often consist of plastic films and stick on lead. We have been encapsulating or triple glazing windows for many years and feel that this offers the best of both worlds. Traditionally made lead panels offering superior texture and colours that wont fade, with the security and insulation of a double glazed unit.
Looking for an obscured glass double glazed unit?
Double glazed units are often obscured for privacy, but the standard range of mass produced patterned glasses which has remained the same for decades is very limited. Traditional 3mm 'art glass' used in our craft is too thin to use in the production of double glazed units, so we have developed a method of safely incorporating 'art glass' by laminating it to the face of a clear unit.
With a vast range of handmade colours and textures to choose from, you can create a unique and stylish front entrance.

Thinking of opting for decorative glass?
If you have seen our lead light panels in a showroom, the range is not exhaustive. A variety of different colours and textures are available, and designs can be altered to create a unique long lasting feature for your home.
Have a design in mind?
Leave it to our experienced designer or input some ideas of your own in the form of pictures or sketches, it is up to you. Either way a full scale draft is produced first to give you the chance of seeing the window before it goes into production.