1. victorian stained glass lead light
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  3. Contemporary stained glass lead light
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  5. Art nouveau stained glass lead light
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  1. stained glass lead light repair
    Title 1
    Built and ready for soldering
  2. stained glass lead light repair
    Title 3
    Re-building stairwell window
  3. stained glass lead light restoration
    Title 4
    Wire wool to remove decades of dirt
  4. stained glass restoration
    Title 5
    Cleaning old cement
  5. Title 7
    Title 7
    Trimming border lead
  6. bespoke stained glass lead light
    Title 8
    Soldering lead joint
  7. lead light repair
    Title 9
    Replacing old border lead
  8. stained glass restoration
    Title 10
    cataloguing intact panes
  9. stained glass restoration
    Title 11
    Dismantling window
  10. stained glass restoration
    Title 12
    Stone damaged stained glass
  11. victorian stained glass restoration
    Title 13
    Painted Victorian fan light ready for polishing
  12. stained glass painting
    Title 13
    Replacement painted piece
  13. stained glass lead light restoration
    Title 14
    Ready for soldering
  14. stained glass restoration
    Title 15
    Re-building stained glass window
  15. Title 16
    Title 16
    Section of restored panel
Lead Lights
Whilst traditional lead light windows should last for decades, they will eventually show signs of age. Apart from glass cracking, usually as a result of impact, the cement deteriorates over time and falls out at which point the window loses rigidity and starts to bow. When bowing occurs the soldered joints tend to crack and the lead then deteriorates.
It is often possible to replace broken or cracked glass pieces in-situ, but if the panel has bowed then the best option is to remove it, lay it flat on a bench and carry out the necessary restoration.
Every window we restore has its border lead replaced, is cleaned and thoroughly re-cemented as a matter of course, even if damage is restricted to a small area of the window.

Broken glass is replaced with the closest available match, often taken from our stock of salvaged period glass. If an exact match is not available, then we 'balance' our repairs to ensure that symmetry is retained in the design. Once restored, your window will be returned to its original splendour and should last for decades to come.

Stained Glass
Restoration of a stained glass window differs from that of a lead light, as the focus tends to be on conserving as much of the original glass as possible, instead of refurbishing it to look as new. Small cracks in painted pieces are usually bonded back together, but original pieces damaged beyond repair will need to be replaced with new painted glass.